Secondary and Baccalaureate Schools

The Best Secondary and Baccalaureate Schools in Spain


When parents consider sending their children abroad to study either secondary education or baccalaureate in Spain, a million questions spring to mind: which school will they go to? A public or private one? Where will they live? Which is the best province or region? What are the requirements? How will they get a visa? My child has not reached 18, who will be their legal guardian? What if something happens to them? Who will go with them to the hospital? Will
they feel lonely? Will they be able to count on someone to follow up on their academic achievements? Will they make the most of it? Etc.

After many years advising parents all over the world of their best options, we have decided to offer a global solution and create Sas Educational Services. You can rely on us to answer those questions that, over thousands of miles and without any knowledge of Spanish culture and norms, are so difficult to answer.

Sas Educational Services collaborates with some of the most prestigious secondary and baccalaureate schools in Spain, a network that has successfully passed all official inspections and audits, which guarantees that this experience of studying abroad, will be successful. The network of schools that we now work with has grown from collaborating with many residences and host families. We provide a whole range of services so that everything runs smoothly. We want students to be able to focus their energy on learning and enjoying the experience rather than solving problems.

Secondary and Baccalaureate Schools

Sas Educational Services works with students and teachers from over 25 different nationalities and prides itself on its clear international vocation. We educate our students using international values that are essential in becoming part of a connected society. Our aim is for students to develop their goals in a global environment where empathy and respect towards cultural and ethnical diversity are vital for building a better world.

We live in an ever-changing world, today’s society requires citizens to have solid values but also to be able to adapt according to various circumstances. We want to see citizens who are capable of critical thinking and who possess analytical and communicative skills in all languages. In order to address these needs, our educational system must always be up-to-date with the latest scientific advances that have developed over the last few decades (multiple intelligences, collaborative work, use of new technologies…).