Spanish Student ID Card

Requirements: Legal Tutors and Spanish Student ID Card

Spanish Student ID Card. While studying in Spain, minors must have a legal representative who can guarantee meeting their needs and accompany them in the case of sickness or hospitalization. In addition to this, legal tutors (legal representatives) must declare before a notary that the student has a place to stay in a residence or with a host family. Lastly, the legal representative guarantees that the student will return to their home country when their studies have finished.

Here at Sas Educational Services, we have 3 generations of experience in education and WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING so that you can study in Spain. Parents, schools, teachers and students are able to rest assured as we go about the process. Furthermore, students who wish to study for a period of more than 6 months will need to obtain a NIE (Identification number for Foreigners) and apply for a student residency card.

Students must apply for these documents within one month of arriving to Spain in the Foreign Office. Students will need the help of a Legal Tutor in this process. Please note that, if students are going to continue, this paperwork must be renewed before expiring.

Spanish Student ID Card
Legal Tutors