Secondary and Baccalaureate in schools Spain

Baccalaureate and
Secondary School


School year.


To graduate from an official course.

Baccalaureate and Secondary School

Studying Secondary and Baccalaureate in schools Spain is one of the best options for your new school year.

From SAS Educational Services we offer you integral studies of secondary education and baccalaureate. In addition, we offer accommodation and all the necessary services so that you can study in Spain with all the possible guarantees of success.

In this stage of learning you will have more independence and freedom with respect to your education. Your tutors will guide and support you during your studies to ensure that you make the right decisions at all times. In this way, as a student, you will approach your higher education with great confidence and with the maximum opportunity for success.

In addition, Six Lemon World offers you exclusive facilities and services designed specifically for students. You’ll have the silence and peace of mind you need to concentrate on your studies. You will be close to the sea, the mountains and the city of Barcelona to have fun and make the most of your student years. At Six Lemon World you will feel the comfort and warmth of your new home.

Get your International Baccalaureate by studying in one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Spain.



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Baccalaureate in schools Spain
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