Residences for International Students

The Best Residences for International Students

Choosing a residence or host family is not the same for university students as it is for preuniversity students. The difference is huge. University students usually select their preferred accommodation, whereas parents tend to help their children when contemplating secondary and baccalaureate schools. In this case, the prestige and educational quality of the educational centre is fundamental, but with an added variant: there is a residence to accommodate your child or that the centre itself has a network of collaborating, approved families that can accommodate international students.

Residences and prestigious schools for International students

So it is paramount when choosing how to proceed with secondary or baccalaureate studies in Spain, the school’s prestige and that they offer accommodation, whether it be their own residence or with collaborative families. This is why Sas Educational Services collaborates with prestigious schools which have their own residences or have a reliable service to find a host family for the student. It would be impossible to satisfy parents whose children study abroad, possibly thousands of miles away from home, without guaranteeing that they will feel at home.

There has to be a high academic level and accommodation of equal standard. Students will also receive academic tutoring, monitoring both at school and in the residence, alimentary control, integration activities and a legal tutor for support in necessary legal procedures and in the case of emergency, health related or not.

It is so difficult to find organisations which provide peace of mind when your child is travelling to the other side of the world. We are not looking to jump on board the latest fashion trend, we seek to provide monitored accommodation, leaving parents reassured. Sas Educational Services is leader in these necessary services for pre-university, secondary and baccalaureate students.

Residences for International Students
Residences for Students