International Baccalaureate in Spain with SAS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES. The best schools and residences for secondary and baccalaureate students in Spain.

Studying International Secondary and Baccalaureate with Sas Educational Services means doing so with 3 generations of experience in the educational field. We take care of everything for you to study in Spain. Consequently we offer total peace of mind for parents, schools, teachers and students.

 International Baccalaureate in Spain
Residences Six Lemon World
Studying International Secondary

We provide you with all the information, services and activities so you can make an informed decision when thinking about studying in Spain.

You will be in contact with some of the most prestigious schools, such as, HAMELIN-LAIE International School. We provide some of the best host families and residences such as Six Lemon World which is situated on the coast, in an incomparable setting, near Barcelona city


Complementary Services

Airport transfers

This includes taking the student to and from the airport, at the beginning and end of their stay, for holidays and emergencies.

Welcome Guide

Students will be given an explanatory guide of the city, including information about local traditions, details of interesting sites and timetables, etc.

Transport Services and Guides

Students will be given an explanatory guide indicating means of transport and prices.

Spanish Telephone Information

Students will be given a Spanish SIM card, either pay as you go or contract to facilitate communication.

Information on Medical Insurance

Students will receive information about the mandatory aspects of their medical insurance required for obtaining a visa which must cover them in the case of medical incidences, hospitalization or repatriation.

Proof of School and Residence

Students will be given the documentation needed to prove they are registered different schools and residences.

Accommodation with a family  

Students have the possibility to stay in the homes of native families, facilitating their integration into the local culture

Academic Tutor

Students will have an academic tutor who will guide them with other teachers in the centre.

School Contents Coordination 

The different main and specific topics will be coordinated in the centre.

Supervision in the School and Accommodation

Students will be supervised in school and in their accommodation resolving any incidences, evaluating behavior and making the most of their available resources.

Spanish Visa Requirements

We provide our students with the necessary Spanish documentation they need to apply for a visa in their country

Integration Activities

Integration activities will be coordinated so that friendships can be made throughout their time in Spain.

University Orientation

Student orientation, students will be informed of different university options.

A&E medical attention

The student will be able to directly contact A&E for possible emergencies.