Bilingual english and spanish

Bilingual English & Spanish


From 1 month to a school year.


To learn the two most used languages in the world, which are the most valued on the career ladder.

Bilingual English & Spanish

The BILINGUAL ENGLISH AND SPANISH COURSES are your opportunity to learn the two most used languages in the world. Without a doubt the best way to prepare for the future. A unique opportunity to learn English and Spanish in the most prestigious schools in Spain, an open, friendly country with an exceptional climate and culture.

The advantages of bilingualism are obvious. You will be able to travel around the world with a high level of knowledge of both languages.

Our teachers are professional, licensed and certified in the teaching of the language, with proficiency in English and Spanish internationally certified.

As a student you will enjoy a unique experience. Classes will focus on personalized attention from the teacher, which will facilitate and accelerate your learning. Our teachers will give you the motivation and confidence you need to develop with peace of mind and security in a participative and dynamic learning environment. You will develop communicative skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, starting from the knowledge and handling of vocabulary and the basic concepts of grammar in both languages.


Bilingual english and spanish
English and spanish Bilingual
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