Best schools in Spain for Chinese students

Best schools in Spain for Chinese students. Leaving aside our neighbouring EU countries, China is currently the country of origin for the majority of our international university students. And there is a growing number of Chinese students coming into secondary and baccalaureate studies. More and more Chinese families are sending their children to study abroad, some as young as 12 years old but mainly baccalaureate students aged 16-18.

Until recently, the main recipient countries of Chinese students were America, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. However, as China’s society advances at great speed, there has been the realisation that as well as English, it is also beneficial to learn the world’s second most international language, Spanish. Sas Educational Services, specialists in secondary and baccalaureate education in Spain for Chinese students, collaborates with prestigious educational centres and high-ranking residencies. This is just what Chinese families are looking for so that their children can be educated in a global environment where creativity is encouraged.