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Founded in the 1930s the Sas Education Group dates back to the Second Spanish Republic. Francisco Sas and Pepita Bon a young couple from Lleida (Catalonia), born in the 1900´s began giving classes in various rural schools. Pepita's aspirations for an urban life led them to settle in Barcelona, a city recovering from German bombing during the bloody Civil War.

In the 1940s, Sant Francesc Study Centre was established in the Les Corts neighbourhood of Barcelona, an up-and-coming area of the city. This school of humble means, with very few classrooms, was the foundation for future growth.


One of the couple's daughters, P. Sas, joined the group in the 70s, which gave rise to a new approach in the school model. The new director started applying methodologies from the most avant-garde countries to the early education curriculum.

In the 1980s P. Sas decided to take the financial risk of moving the school to the upper area of Barcelona. The new school had a completely new environment with bright, open classrooms and access to an immense playground, and was close to the Diagonal area of Barcelona. It was here that it became the first school in Spain to begin a trilingual teaching program. And so Hamelin was born.

The innovative methodologies at Hamelin school attracted children of prestigious athletes, politicians and directors of international companies.

At the end of the 80's due to continued growth there was an urgent need to find a new building that met the requirements of Mrs. Sas. The building was finally located close to the sea on the outskirts of Barcelona in Alella. The 3000sqm building was once a convent and had a lot of light, personality and an exclusive courtyard adorned by ancient trees. A building that, along with the characteristic orange of the Hamelin school uniform, will remain in the hearts of all.


With new classes and year groups being added every year, it was decided in the 90’s to build a school in Alella for secondary and baccalaureate students: Laie International School. This new 7000sqm building would accommodate a third year group and would expand the school to have students from 0 to 18 years old.

Mrs Sas’ daughters joined the team at the school, which facilitated a period of rapid growth. At the same time there was a consolidation of the educational ethos, committing to English language immersion from the age of 0, with a fully trilingual educational program. Ongoing collaboration and research with leading centres across the world has further strengthened and established Hamelin's methods.

Responding to the full waiting lists, and the high demand from parents, the decision was made to open a 4th year group. The moment had come to build Hamelin Laie International School in Montgat, located in a privileged spot on the coast, readily accessible via train and with direct access off the motorway. The 25,000sqm facility accommodates over 1500 children, with room for expansion. In 2015, students moved into these modern, high tech and beautiful new facilities.

Our teaching staff is made up of more than 30 different nationalities. We have 40 nationalities among our student body, with almost 20% of our students from China. The school was yet again a pioneer, being the first to introduce Chinese into the curriculum. In 2019, the school officially became a Confucius Institute classroom.


In response to demand from Chinese schools, Sas Educational Services, was created. The Executive Director, Silvia Sas, with Chinese ancestry on her great-grandfather’s side, decided to study Chinese to grow closer to this millenniums old culture. The aim of these specialised services is to give students access to the international Baccalaureate Diploma programme in English, Spanish and also Chinese. These services also facilitate trilingual secondary education, summer camps, Spanish courses, bilingual Spanish and English courses, cultural trips, etc.


我们集团一百多年的历史包含了我的父母,我自己和我的女儿三代人的努力,我们将毕生的精力致力于提供最好的教育和个性化的服务。我们的学生团体来自于全世界四十多个国家,我们将竭尽所能让他们感到宾至如归。 Sas女士,


我们率先推行英语课程,然后,我们对中国文化的热情使我们成为西班牙第一个开设中文课程的学校,这标志着我们同那些信任我们的中国家庭建立了稳固的联系。 Mr. Polo


和她的团队多年来一直致力于在西班牙推广中国文化,Silvia的精力和热情帮助SAS集团与孔子学院建立了稳固的合作关系。 常世儒,



中华人民共和国驻巴塞罗那总领事邀请SAS教育集团的创始人兼总裁Purificación Sas女士和Six Lemon World学生公寓校长Silvia Sas女士一起庆祝中国新年。